We are all in this together

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We are all in this together

Dear all, 

We hope you are all well while reading this article.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic has become more severe, new health and economic problems have arisen. Ploumanac'h brand and participating stores decided to help.

The situation: 
COVID-19 pandemic brought severe health and economic problems. Hospitals across Italy are facing an unprecedented shortage of staff and supplies. Stores that do not categorize as of “basic need” have had to close to help slow down the spread of infection.

The initiative: 
The Kostner team (the company behind Ploumanac'h) decided to help. It is essential to support both healthcare and the economy at this crucial time in the history of our country. And you, the customer, are invited to join us.

How it works:
1- Each participating store selects the hospital it wants to support.
2- Gift card buyers will be able to use them as cash at the shop participating to the initiative.
3- Ploumanac'h donates 10% of the gift card profits to the hospitals chosen by the stores.

We want to do our part because we are all in this together.

Let's take action!

Stay Safe,

The Ploumanac'h Team

We are all in this together


As of the recent new dispositions, store will be opening on May 18th 2020. Hence, this initiative will end on May 16th 2020.