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Women's Cashmere Camo Sweaters

These cashmere camo sweaters boast a single yarn of cashmere and merino wool. The detailed camouflage pattern is hand-painted by our artists in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna; they paint piece by piece using both regular and air-brushes to create shades and gradients unique to every garment.
It all starts with the selection of a luxurious yarn that blends cashmere and merino fibers. The second step involves a careful human-machine combined work where a single thread is employed to create the whole sweater. Lastly, a team of three highly skilled painters approaches each piece individually, brushing them with different color palettes, creating the camouflage pattern from the inside out.
The result is an incredible color effect, lighter on the outside and firmer inside, making the jumper wearable on both sides.