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Discover the Men's Accessories collection at Ploumanac'h: a testament to superior Italian craftsmanship, offering a range of items that add a touch of nature-inspired sophistication to your attire.


Modal Scarf in Blue & Grey - O/S
Sciarpa Modal - Blu & Grigio Prezzo scontato$138.00
Modal Scarf in Blue & Brown - O/S
Sciarpa Modal - Blu & Marrone Prezzo scontato$138.00
Cashmere Blend Scarf in Denim - O/SCashmere Blend Scarf in Denim - O/S
Sciarpa Cashmere Modal - Denim Prezzo scontato$122.00
Merino Beanie in Navy - O/S
Merino Beanie in Denim - O/S
Merino Beanie in Castoro - O/S
Alpaca Scarf in Pavone - O/SAlpaca Scarf in Pavone - O/S
Sciarpa in Alpaca - Pavone Prezzo scontato$138.00
Eau De Parfum - CologneEau De Parfum - Cologne
Eau De Parfum - Cologne Prezzo scontato$230.00

Venture into the Ploumanac'h Men's Accessories collection, where each item is a testimony to exquisite Italian craftsmanship married with nature's inspiration. This curated assortment is not just an accessory, but an extension of a lifestyle that embraces both luxury and a deep connection with nature. Find an array of pieces that echo the earthy tones and textures of the coastal landscapes that fuel our creativity. From ties to hats, each accessory is crafted to add a nuanced layer of sophistication to your ensemble, reflecting the relaxed yet elegant vibe that Ploumanac'h embodies. Allow yourself the luxury of adorning your outfits with accessories that not only enhance your style but connect you with the tranquil charm of seaside vistas.