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Discover the Women's Fall Winter Sweaters & Cardigans Collection, offering a range of cozy and stylish options for the season.


Tipologia Prodotto
Tipologia Prodotto
Soy Rock Art Sweater - PumigeSoy Rock Art Sweater - Pumige
Soy Rock Art Sweater - Pumige Prezzo scontato$477.00
Soy Rock Art Sweater - FluoriteSoy Rock Art Sweater - Fluorite
Soy Rock Art Sweater - Fluorite Prezzo scontato$477.00
Dores Rock Art Sweater - PumigeDores Rock Art Sweater - Pumige
Dores Rock Art Sweater - Pumige Prezzo scontato$538.00
Dores Rock Art Sweater - OliviniteDores Rock Art Sweater - Olivinite
Dores Rock Art Sweater - Olivinite Prezzo scontato$538.00
Dores Rock Art Sweater - MigmaDores Rock Art Sweater - Migma
Dores Rock Art Sweater - Migma Prezzo scontato$538.00
Dores Rock Art Sweater - KimberDores Rock Art Sweater - Kimber
Dores Rock Art Sweater - Kimber Prezzo scontato$538.00
Dores Rock Art Sweater - GualcoDores Rock Art Sweater - Gualco
Dores Rock Art Sweater - Gualco Prezzo scontato$538.00
Dores Rock Art Sweater - FlintDores Rock Art Sweater - Flint
Dores Rock Art Sweater - Flint Prezzo scontato$538.00
Maglione Melvich Bread Art - CladoMaglione Melvich Bread Art - Clado
Maglione Melvich Bread Art - Clado Prezzo scontato$409.00
Cardigan Elphin Bread Art - FusarCardigan Elphin Bread Art - Fusar
Cardigan Elphin Bread Art - Fusar Prezzo scontato$417.00
Cardigan Elphin Bread Art - GillusCardigan Elphin Bread Art - Gillus
Cardigan Elphin Bread Art - Gillus Prezzo scontato$417.00
Cardigan Elphin Bread Art - CladoCardigan Elphin Bread Art - Clado
Cardigan Elphin Bread Art - Clado Prezzo scontato$417.00
Maglione Enzie Holiday Special - SangriaMaglione Enzie Holiday Special - Sangria
Maglione Carse Dolcevita Chunky - FireMaglione Carse Dolcevita Chunky - Fire
Maglione Oaken Ethnic - TopiaMaglione Oaken Ethnic - Topia
Maglione Oaken Ethnic - Topia Prezzo scontato$430.00
Maglione Orton Smoke Art - SurferMaglione Orton Smoke Art - Surfer
Maglione Orton Smoke Art - Surfer Prezzo scontato$585.00
Maglione Milton Crewneck - UltramarineMaglione Milton Crewneck - Ultramarine
Mosshill Crew Neck Sweater - UltramarineMosshill Crew Neck Sweater - Ultramarine
Maglione Girocollo Mosshill - SpritzMaglione Girocollo Mosshill - Spritz
Amy X-Spray - MermaidAmy X-Spray - Mermaid
Amy X-Spray - Mermaid Prezzo scontato$463.00
Amy X-Spray - MidnightAmy X-Spray - Midnight
Amy X-Spray - Midnight Prezzo scontato$463.00
Callan X-Spray Sweater - MidnightCallan X-Spray Sweater - Midnight
Callan X-Spray Sweater - Midnight Prezzo scontato$501.00
Demi Yoke Art Sweater - OrangeDemi Yoke Art Sweater - Orange
Demi Yoke Art Sweater - Orange Prezzo scontato$409.00
Odle Rock Art Sweater - SedimentaryOdle Rock Art Sweater - Sedimentary
Odle Cable Crewneck Sweater - CrownOdle Cable Crewneck Sweater - Crown
Plose Rock Art Sweater - IgneousPlose Rock Art Sweater - Igneous
Plose Rock Art Sweater - Igneous Prezzo scontato$463.00
Lucy Frost Art - WalnutLucy Frost Art - Walnut
Lucy Frost Art - Walnut Prezzo scontato$679.00
Lucy Frost Art - ViolaLucy Frost Art - Viola
Lucy Frost Art - Viola Prezzo scontato$679.00
Laxey Frost Art - WalnutLaxey Frost Art - Walnut
Laxey Frost Art - Walnut Prezzo scontato$679.00
Laxey Frost Art - CliffLaxey Frost Art - Cliff
Laxey Frost Art - Cliff Prezzo scontato$679.00
Jurby Cashmere Sweater - BreakersJurby Cashmere Sweater - Breakers
Jurby Cashmere Sweater - Breakers Prezzo scontato$648.00
Jurby Cashmere Sweater - NavyJurby Cashmere Sweater - Navy
Jurby Cashmere Sweater - Navy Prezzo scontato$648.00
Kella Frost Art - Comfy Sweater - CiclaminoKella Frost Art - Comfy Sweater - Ciclamino
Dalcross Yoke - FoamDalcross Yoke - Foam
Dalcross Yoke - Foam Prezzo scontato$370.00
Sella Rock Art - MigmaSella Rock Art - Migma
Sella Rock Art - Migma Prezzo scontato$571.00
Maglia Sella Rock Art - NocturnalMaglia Sella Rock Art - Nocturnal
Maglia Sella Rock Art - Nocturnal Prezzo scontato$571.00
Maglia Sella - WoodMaglia Sella - Wood
Maglia Sella - Wood Prezzo scontato$401.00
Danter Rock Art - MigmaDanter Rock Art - Migma
Danter Rock Art - Migma Prezzo scontato$594.00
Elgin Cardigan - SangriaElgin Cardigan - Sangria
Elgin Cardigan - Sangria Prezzo scontato$378.00
Elgin Cardigan - NavyElgin Cardigan - Navy
Elgin Cardigan - Navy Prezzo scontato$378.00
Elgin Cardigan - WoodElgin Cardigan - Wood
Elgin Cardigan - Wood Prezzo scontato$378.00
Elgin Cardigan - CrownElgin Cardigan - Crown
Elgin Cardigan - Crown Prezzo scontato$378.00
Elgin Yoke Art Cardigan - FoamElgin Yoke Art Cardigan - Foam
Elgin Yoke Art Cardigan - Foam Prezzo scontato$401.00
Oaken Frost Art Sweater - CliffOaken Frost Art Sweater - Cliff
Oaken Frost Art Sweater - Cliff Prezzo scontato$417.00
Appin Bread Art Sweater - FusarAppin Bread Art Sweater - Fusar
Appin Bread Art Sweater - Fusar Prezzo scontato$378.00
Balmore - Creamy BeigeBalmore - Creamy Beige
Balmore - Creamy Beige Prezzo scontato$424.00
Balmore - Calm HorizonBalmore - Calm Horizon
Balmore - Calm Horizon Prezzo scontato$424.00
Maglia Moray - Denim DelightMaglia Moray - Denim Delight
Maglia Moray - Denim Delight Prezzo scontato$424.00

Explore our curated collection of women's pullovers and cardigans, a perfect blend of style and warmth for the fall-winter season. Our assortment features an array of sweaters, from hand-painted designs and cropped cardigans to oversized pullovers, ideal for both layering and standalone wear. Ploumanac'h offers a diverse range of textures and weights in women's sweaters, including lightweight 14-gauge merino yarn and luxurious 18-gauge 100% cashmere, as well as cozy, heavier options like oversized merino sweaters and merino-cashmere blends.

This comprehensive collection encompasses various winter sweater styles, ranging from classic, simplistic designs to intricate, detailed knits. To enhance your shopping experience, utilize the filters on the sidebar. Choose from multiple options or select specific use cases like Apré Ski Sweaters, Chalet Jumpers, and Work From Home Sweaters, tailoring your selection to your unique needs and preferences.