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Rock Art

Inspired by rock formations, this women's knit collection melds the rugged hues of rocky landscapes with the luxury of fine-knit merino sweaters.


Odle Rock Art Sweater - SedimentaryOdle Rock Art Sweater - Sedimentary
Plose Rock Art Sweater - IgneousPlose Rock Art Sweater - Igneous
Plose Rock Art Sweater - Igneous Prezzo scontato$463.00
Plose Rock Art Sweater - SedimentaryPlose Rock Art Sweater - Sedimentary
Sella Rock Art - MigmaSella Rock Art - Migma
Sella Rock Art - Migma Prezzo scontato$571.00
Maglia Sella Rock Art - NocturnalMaglia Sella Rock Art - Nocturnal
Maglia Sella Rock Art - Nocturnal Prezzo scontato$571.00
Danter Rock Art - MigmaDanter Rock Art - Migma
Danter Rock Art - Migma Prezzo scontato$594.00
Ballater Rock Art Sweater - MigmaBallater Rock Art Sweater - Migma
Ballater Rock Art Sweater - Migma Prezzo scontato$424.00
Ballater Rock Art Sweater - VolcanicBallater Rock Art Sweater - Volcanic
Reay Rock Art Sweater - NocturnalReay Rock Art Sweater - Nocturnal
Reay Rock Art Sweater - Nocturnal Prezzo scontato$424.00
Melvich Rock Art Sweater - VolcanicMelvich Rock Art Sweater - Volcanic
Fordy Rock Art Sweater - KimberFordy Rock Art Sweater - Kimber
Fordy Rock Art Sweater - Kimber Prezzo scontato$501.00
Holm Rock Art Sweater - PumigeHolm Rock Art Sweater - Pumige
Holm Rock Art Sweater - Pumige Prezzo scontato$477.00
Maglia Melro Rock Art - KimberMaglia Melro Rock Art - Kimber
Maglia Melro Rock Art - Kimber Prezzo scontato$486.00
Maglia Melro Rock Art - GualcoMaglia Melro Rock Art - Gualco
Maglia Melro Rock Art - Gualco Prezzo scontato$486.00
Maglia Melro Rock Art - FluoriteMaglia Melro Rock Art - Fluorite
Maglia Melro Rock Art - Fluorite Prezzo scontato$486.00

Drawing inspiration from the rich and textured landscapes of rock formations, this collection of women’s knits is a harmonious fusion of nature's raw beauty and the pinnacle of textile craftsmanship. With each piece, experience the luxurious embrace of fine-knit merino, a fabric renowned for its supreme quality and comfort. Our sweaters are a canvas painted with the muted and earthy colors found in rocky terrains, bringing a touch of natural elegance to your wardrobe. Step into a world where the rugged charm of the outdoors meets the comfort and sophistication of finely crafted knits, offering you a unique opportunity to wear a piece of art, inspired by and paying homage to the serene yet majestic hues of rocky nature.