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Article: High-End Accessories for Him: World Explorer's Edition

High-End Accessories for Him: World Explorer’s Edition

High-End Accessories for Him: World Explorer's Edition

Whether it is climbing the tallest mountain or sailing the most obscure corner of the sea, we all know that one person in our lives that exemplifies the intrepid explorer. They are constantly on the go to see all the secrets that this world has to offer them, so when it comes to gift shopping, it can be a little difficult. They like to pack light, so if it isn't useful, it will probably sit in a closet. However, that doesn't mean the gifts you get them need to be cheap, even the rugged explorer can benefit from some high-end gifts.

Dalvey Grand Explorer Compass

steel compass

With the advent of mobile technology, the compass fell somewhat by the wayside, but there are still those corners where your cell phone won't be able to save you. The compass is a classic instrument and through Dalvey, it got itself a high-end makeover. With beautiful stainless steel, deep-engraved detail that gives it that impressive dramatic appearance, and a half-hunter-style fob case that keeps everything safe and sound, this is a beautiful showpiece that every explorer will want to have by their side on each adventure.

Red Wing for Brooks Brothers Leather Boots

brown leather boots

You know what they say, a good pair of shoes will take you far, but those shoes don't always look so stylish. Red Wing has proudly brought handcrafted footwear to the world and quickly become the gold standard in it. Now paired with luxury brand Brooks Brothers, their beautiful leather boots provide the optimum in style, comfort, and durability. Not only are they beautiful handcrafted leather wear with cork rubber soles, but they are built to withstand even the most rugged adventures.

BERING Slim Solar Watch

steel man watch

Inspired by intrepid explorers in the Land of the Midnight Sun where both watch batteries and solar energy are hard to come by, this BERING-made solar watch is built to work even in long months of darkness. Once it is fully charged up, the power cells have the ability to keep this watch ticking for up to 12 months without sunlight. However, perhaps the most stunning feature is that it packs that much power capacity and still maintains BERING's alluring minimalist style. Easy to read, compact, and beautiful to look at, this is a watch is the only watch an explorer will ever need.

Stanley London Leather-Sheathed Telescope


When looking at high-end binoculars, you can easily drop a couple of grand these days, but unless you are watching birds or spying on your neighbor all the way at the end of the street, travellers don't need a bulky set of binoculars. Opt instead for the good old spyglass. This Stanley London-crafted telescope features a classic design completed with a leather-bound cover and collapsible tube to save space while letting your explorer see far into the distance like a sea captain of old.

Cedes Milano Travel Shaving Set

shaving set

Luxury shaving sets are an excellent gift for a refined, yet rugged man. Unfortunately, while excellent showpieces, typically they don't travel well. Master Italian craftsmen Cedes Milano sought to take awkward traveling out of the equation with their highly portable, high-end shaving set. Not only does it all compact into a beautiful, soft nappa leather pouch, but it also includes a stainless steel Fusion Gillette razor fashioned on a mother of pearl handle and a luxurious badger fur shaving brush for the closest possible shave each day.

While these luxury accessories are sure to thrill the intrepid adventurer in your life, everyone knows that accessories only shine when they have the right clothes to make them pop. If your explorer needs a little fashion update, contact us. Our line of artisan, hand-dyed, Italian-manufactured provides the right pop of color and fashion to make them look good no matter where they end up.

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