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We are happy to announce that as of December 2023, our e-commerce deliveries are carbon neutral.

At Ploumanac'h, we recognize that the fashion industry is one of the most significant contributors to environmental pollution. While we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, we understand that carbon-neutral e-commerce deliveries don't fully address the broader environmental impact of our production and supply chain. We strive to mitigate this impact by producing locally, using natural fibers, and employing artisanal dyeing techniques that save water and energy. While we cannot claim complete sustainability, we are dedicated to making responsible choices wherever possible. Regarding our partnership with Shopify Planet, we trust in their accountability for their carbon neutrality claims, though we can't verify these independently.

We are dedicated to fashioning a better tomorrow, not just through our designs but also by embracing sustainable practices. In this spirit, we've proudly joined the Shopify Planet initiative, a visionary cause aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. This partnership reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and our desire to make a tangible impact.

By aligning with Shopify Planet, we are part of a global movement that offsets the carbon footprint generated by online deliveries. This initiative allows us to directly address the environmental impact of e-commerce, ensuring that our journey towards sustainability is as stylish and responsible as our clothing.

Join us in this meaningful venture as we pave the way towards a greener, cleaner future, one order at a time.


Our collective efforts aim at achieving these milestones:
  • Removal of more than thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provide carbon-neutral shipping for all orders

Our approach is straightforward yet impactful. Each order placed with us triggers a precise calculation of its shipping emissions. A portion of our revenue is then allocated to carefully selected carbon removal initiatives, as endorsed by the scientific experts at Carbon Direct. These contributions not only neutralize the carbon footprint of our shipments but also foster the advancement of carbon reduction technologies.

We're excited to introduce some of the pioneering companies that thanks to Shopify Planet project we collaborate with:


Heirloom's direct air capture technology enhances the carbon mineralization process. Heirloom's technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in.

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Remora captures CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive, with the CO₂ destined for long-term storage.

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Charm captures CO₂ using plant waste, converts it into a stable, carbon-rich liquid, and safely stores it deep underground—out of reach of wildfires and soil erosion.

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