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Article: 5 Underrated Travel Destinations For This Summer

5 Underrated Travel Destinations For This Summer

5 Underrated Travel Destinations For This Summer

Are you looking to go on the road and take a break from the stress of daily life this summer? If so, you may want to take a trip to a place you've always gone to - or you may want to stray off the beaten path to discover new locations. Especially the second option works well if you are looking to get away from daily life, as it enables you to stay away from droves of tourists and instead explore more naturally beautiful destinations. So if you are truly looking to get away, here are 5 underrated travel destinations you should visit this summer.

1) San Juan, Puerto Rico

puerto rico vacation spot
Picture from: Wikipedia

Long a popular destination for American tourists, Puerto Rico takes a secondary role when it comes to visitors from around the world. Those interested in the Caribbean tend to focus more on the Bahamas, Jamaica, and other retreats.

However, Puerto Rico and its major city offer more than most of these locations, combining the natural beauty of the Caribbean with rich history. Old San Juan was established by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon in the early 16th century, and you can visit old fortifications and historical buildings to this day. Then, enjoy the white beaches and warm water just minutes away from the city center.

2) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik croatia
Picture from: Wikipedia

Speaking of history and beaches: in many ways, Dubrovnik is the European equivalent of San Juan. A gorgeous old town is situated right on the edge of the Mediterranean sea, promising beautiful weather and white beaches alongside historic buildings and charm. TV fans will recognize many of its vistas from Game of Thrones, which filmed many of its scenes taking place in King's Landing (the fictional capital of Westeros) in this city.

Especially if you are tired of the masses of tourists descending on Spain, Italy, and Greece every summer, Croatia is a perfect alternative. International citizens are just beginning to discover the former East Bloc country, which will allow you plenty of personal space to enjoy its sights.

3) Havana, Cuba

havana, cuba
Picture from: Pixabay

Over the last few years, Cuba has become more accessible to international tourists from all countries. As a result, the island is not as underrated as it once was, but it still welcomes less tourists annually than its Caribbean counterparts.

Visit Havana, and you will feel transported right back into the 60s. Vintage cars and street musicians drive the experience, while the country's passion for baseball is on display in seemingly endless local matches that you can attend for little to no cost. And what's better than smoking a famed Cuban cigar on a white beach?

4) Skagen, Denmark

DenmarkPicture from: Wikipedia

This historic town is famous for being the spot at which the North and Baltic Sea collide. The result is a truly exciting spectacle, with waves crashing into each other seemingly out of nowhere. But Skagen has more to offer than just a natural phenomenon.

The town is home to an old shipping port that offers insight into the rich seafaring history of Denmark. Its location also made it strategic during historic conflicts, and tourists can still visit old bunkers that date back to World War II. Due to the strong currents, swimming in Skagen is not recommended, but plenty of accessible beaches are located just a few miles away.

5) The Philippines

philippines beach with wite sandPicture from: Legget Around the World

A collection of 7,000 islands, the Philippines are perhaps the closest thing to paradise on earth. The islands are home to 37 volcanoes, a gorgeous, white beach is seemingly around every corner, and lush rainforest is home to more than 3,600 species of plants and animals.

Cities like Manilla have gotten a questionable reputation in the past, but it's the islands' natural landscape that make the Philippines worth a visit this summer. You can truly get lost in nature, without other tourists around - but of course, thanks to numerous local guides, always staying safe.

Summer, in short, helps you discover the world in ways you haven't seen before. No one said you had to stay within the boundaries of typical tourism - instead, visit the above locations, and truly enjoy the beautiful colors that summer has to offer. Of course, you will enjoy it best with the right clothes to pack!


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