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Article: In Search of Blue Water: 6 Pristine Waterscapes

In Search of Blue Water: 6 Pristine Waterscapes

In Search of Blue Water: 6 Pristine Waterscapes

A beach vacation is the dream, but don't settle for cloudy water mired with sand and other debris making it so you can't see your toes in ankle-deep water. If you are going to swim or snorkel, you want that pristine blue water that you see in pictures. For all the filters and various exposure tweaking, there are some places around the world where the photographs don't lie. If you are in search of blue water, let these magnificent waterscapes permeate your dreams.


Exuma - The Bahamas

Plane view of Exuma, Bahamas

While many of the biggest islands in the Bahamas are over-developed resort monstrosities, the great thing about this Caribbean escape is that you can easily slip away somewhere beautiful for a day. Exuma is small, tranquil, and features extraordinary privacy. With ample shallows and white sand bottoms, the water looks brighter and bluer than the sky itself at times.

To Sua Ocean Trench - Samoa

Samoa waters

While the Yucatan Peninsula is famous for them, it is not the only place in the world with cenotes. One of the most beautiful cenotes in the world is hidden in Samoa and is the perfect place for a dip during the occasionally oppressive heat. Popular with locals and visitors alike, the To Sua Ocean Trench features cliffs (and a ladder to climb back up) for an unforgettable daring dive into crystal clear waters.

Cayos Cochinos - Honduras

Plane view of Cayo Cochinos Honduras blue waters

Cayos Cochinos off the coast of Honduras is part of the second largest reef region in the world. However, unlike the Great Barrier Reef in Australia that is rapidly bleaching, the coral reefs around Cochinos are home to one of the healthiest marine environments due in no small part to the pure, clean water. With sparse vegetation on the island, the white sand beach life rules while the snorkeling in the water is an awe-inspiring experience.

Peyto Lake - Canada

Peyto lake blue lake

Not all blue water locales have to be near a sun-soaked beach. In fact, some of the bluest waters in the world come from cold climates, as is the case with Peyto Lake in Alberta's Banff National Park. Fed by glaciers, the water itself is chilly, but the turquoise color created by the clear water mixed with what is referred to as "rock flour" lights up the surrounding amalgamation of forest and mountains.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora blue waters

There is a reason everyone wants to go to Bora Bora, and it's because it really is as amazing as it is in the pictures. Famous from its clear waters as well as the luxurious-looking bungalows that are perched just above the waves, it is a dream vacation destination for many.  While you may have to endure a waiting list to get your dream reservation, the prospect of waking up to only a view of vibrant blue water each morning of your trip is worth the wait.

Belo Sur Mer - Madagascar

Madagascar waters

If you want to view a beautiful waterscape that few have ever experienced, then you need to get on a plane to Madagascar right now. As an oft-forgotten place by travellers you will have the beautiful coral reefs, clear waters, and silky white sand all to yourself as the occasional local fisherman paddles right on past you in deeper waters. It is truly a place where the simple pleasures rule each day, but if you want to experience mater that feels like it is all your own, Belo Sur Mer can provide.

Beautiful beaches and unforgettable blue water will make your vacation a treasure. However, beautiful waterscapes beg to be accented by the people who visit them. To learn how your clothes can make your visit to some of these world-class waterscapes unforgettable to everyone who sees you, check out our blogs.

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