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Article: Wandering the World’s 5 Most Fabulous Coastal Towns

Wandering the World’s 5 Most Fabulous Coastal Towns

Wandering the World’s 5 Most Fabulous Coastal Towns

There is just something about building a town at the edge of the ocean that shapes it differently than inland towns, even in the same country. Maybe it is the high presence of salt in the air, or perhaps they just wanted to take advantage of those soft ocean breezes, but no matter where you go, coastal beauty doesn’t fail to stun. If you are looking to spend some time by the sea, then there are beautiful coastal towns all around the world that are perfect for it.

Cua Van, Vietnam 

Cliffs bay

Photo by Warren Wong

Who says a coastal village has to be on the land by the coast, what if it was just on the water itself? That is exactly what Cua Van, the famous floating village of Vietnam did. Set against the rugged backdrop of imposing mountains, Cua Van is a small village made up completely of floating houses on the Halong Bay. Although home to only around 700 people, thousands come to visit this village, touring its watery streets by boat and even shopping at its floating market.

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

coastal town and palmPicture courtesy of: Cody Berg

While you are touring Tunisia’s largest city of Tunis, be sure not to miss an opportunity to see the unforgettable coastal town of Sidi Bou Said located just a few kilometers away. What makes this city so fantastic is the stark contrasts that the pure white buildings of the city have with the deep blue ocean beyond. Take the whole thing in from white sand beaches or wander the stone-paved streets to see the city in its full glory complete with ample colorful Bougainvillea flowers that just set the whole thing off.

Manarola, Italy

Ligurian coastal town
Picture courtesy of: Chensiyuan 

The Mediterranean is home to an uncountable number of coastal towns that are absolutely worth a visit, but Italy has been doing seaside escapes right since the Middle Ages. In the hilly village of Manarola, you can wander the tight streets leading all the way to the sea, sampling fine olive oil and wine as you go, but this town behooves you to view it from up high. Find the tallest hill that you can and watch the beautiful colored houses of this Cinque Terre village tumble down into the sea.

Reine, Norway

icy townPicture courtesy of: Smtunli

With mighty Fjords and steep coastlines, Norway is a fairy tale haven of beautiful coastal towns, but none is more beautiful than Reine. This fishing village is only home to about 300 people, but it’s beautiful views of the Northern Lights attracts thousands of visitors. In the summer, the red wooden cabins set off a bust of color that contrast vast fields of green, grey stone mountains that rise like sharp teeth, and, of course, the clear blue water that frames everything.

Cape May, USA

New Jersey coastal townPicture courtesy of: David Mark

The United States is famous for its small beautiful fishing villages that populate New England, but what many don’t know it that perhaps its most beautiful coastal haven is located on the complete opposite side of the country. Cape May, located just outside of San Francisco in California, brings beautiful Victorian houses right up to the ocean, making it a true seaside refuge. Known for its class, this is one New England-style village you can visit without having to deal with New England-style winters.

Now that you have your bucket list of stylish coastal towns to go and visit, it is time you get yourselves ready to visit them. Towns like these beg for beautiful people to stroll their streets, and you can make sure they get the right compliment by wearing the right cloths. Check out our What to Wear on Vacation guides to learn how the right clothing can help step up both your travel and style game.

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