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  • Every men's closet carries at least one dress shirt. They are flexible yet refined pieces of clothing you can wear on many occasions. 

    An excellent base for formal events, a day at the office, or a casual occasion, dress shirts make it easy to put together the right outfit. With long sleeves and several patterns, these shirts feature soft and stretchy fabrics for increased comfort. Explore Ploumanac'h selection of men's dress shirts, including spread, small, and button-down collars.

    Always dress for the style you like. 

    Consider refreshing your collection of men's dress shirts to help the cause. Keep it professional with traditional colors like Navy and White, or spice it up with some vibrant shades like Azalea or Edera.

    When to tuck in a men's dress shirt? Tuck in your dress shirt if it has a tail; it will create a seamless look. For some extra style, throw on a blazer or a vest (especially if you work in an office or any corporate environment). Need an outfit idea for casual Friday? A crisp poplin dress shirt and a pair of khakis are a timeless classic.


    Dress shirts for formal events. Make sure always to have a dress shirt ready if you have to hop on a formal occasion. From weddings to office cocktail parties, men's dress shirts are essential to have in your closet.