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  • When we first started our company, we had a vision to create timeless, high quality shirts that are comfortable and stylish. We wanted our customers to feel like they were in a good friend's living room, and these shirts were made for them. Our designs are classic with a little bit of rustic flare.

    A classic flannel shirt with a checked pattern and a lumberjack-style plaid.

    If you're looking for a shirt that will make a fashion statement, this one is for you. A checked pattern gives it a unique look and feel. This lumberjack style shirt is more comfortable and casual than your regular flannel shirt. It's made of higher quality cotton which means it will last longer than your average flannel shirt.

    The Flannel shirt is a venerable classic that has been around for many decades. It was originally worn by lumberjacks and cowboys, who needed to stay warm on the job. Today it's a staple for creative types, design students, musicians, and any other worker who appreciates a comfortable shirt that can be worn anywhere without having to change into an entirely different outfit.

    Italian made checked flannel shirts for men. Checked pattern, made from cotton and quality fabric. Long sleeve. Slim fit shirt. Classic lumberjack style with a cool grunge look.

    Checked flannel for men with a grunge style. It comes in regular, slim fit, long sleeve and regular short sleeve. Made from quality, thick cotton fabric.