Men's Polo Shirts

We introduced Ploumanac'h men's polo shirts in 2010 with a clear goal to create the most versatile and beautiful polo shirts for men. Ever since that launch, our pique polo shirts have become a staple of Ploumanac'h collections and lifestyle.

In the beginning, we presented them in a single style and fabric: the slim fit polo shirt, available in all the Ploumanach's signature colors. Our iconic slim fit polo shirts provide the ideal fit boasting a slimming yet comfortable silhouette for every body shape; possible thanks to the stretch pique cotton we use to create them. This fantastic fabric comes from a high-quality cotton source in Turkey, where growing cotton is part of their tradition. The process of transforming this cotton into a stretchable pique happens with the addition of a small percentage of elastane for increased comfort and perfect fit.

The resulting pique cotton has its peculiar three-dimensional texture and an unprecedented lightness, possible thanks to the coloring treatment we perform later on. The treatment does not involve high temperatures and doesn't destroy the textile.
Then, the making of these men's Italian polo shirts happens in Puglia, a sun-blessed region in the south of Italy. There, experienced artisans cut and sew the piqué into the perfect shape of our garments.

The last step is the coloring, a signature of Ploumanac'h. Our sophisticated dyeing process happens at room temperature and is mostly hand-processed. During the coloring process, a film of color pigments layers on top of the garments attaching in different ways based on the materials, seams, and folds. The results are men's cotton pique polo shirts made with ultra-light high-quality materials boasting full texture, strength, and bright color shades.

Since 2010, we have added new styles, collars, and materials, including the soft collar polo shirts, the jersey cotton polo shirts, and many other variations.
The soft collar variant features a dress-shirt-like spread collar, made with the same pique fabric as the garment, giving the polo a classy look.
The cotton polo shirts provide the same silhouette and ribbed collar as the classic polo. Still, they feature a soft 100% cotton jersey fabric delicate on the skin, making them comfortable polo t-shirts for men.
You can also check our mens designer polo shirts featuring prints and patterns for a more relaxed style.

What's in this collection:
• Men's polo shirts slim fit - the Ploumanac'h classic
• Men's polo dress shirts - this is a subcategory of our classic collection. It features sober colors yet with the fantastic fit and materials that our classic version has.

For many years, Ploumanac'h has been known as the brand with the perfect polo for men, with our dri fit polo shirts guiding the entire collection. Every summer, Ploumanac'h sponsors the Bonvicini golf tournament providing golf polo shirts as prices for the event.