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Fall | Winter 23


The Ploumanac'h fall/winter women's lookbook features pieces like x-spray and rock art knitwear, hand painted and ribbed sweaters, and dresses. It includes shirts, tops, cotton cashmere knits, and casual outerwear, alongside signature frost art items.

X-Spray Art

The X-Spray knit presents a distinctive vertical color split, creating a dynamic contrast with one hue gracing the upper half and a complementary shade adorning the lower. Unique to this design, each sleeve is artfully spray-painted to match the respective half it aligns with, adding an edgy, artistic touch.

Rock Art

Knitwear collection inspired by rock formations. Made from fine-knit merino. Features spray-painted rock formation-inspired tones. Combines comfort with natural-themed design.

Hand Painted

Knitwear capsule collection featuring individual hand-painted designs, applied using stencil techniques. Each piece is distinct and created separately.


Long, elegant dresses in both sleeved and sleeveless styles, made from stretchy, soft viscose jersey, offering comfort and a flattering fit for the cooler months.

Shirts and Tops

A range of shirts, polo shirt, henleys and t-shirts, crafted from comfortable natural materials like cotton and viscose.

Plated Rhombus

Ribbed sweaters with a crisp rhombus pattern. A harmonious blend of comfort and modern design, crafted for warmth and a refined aesthetic.

Cotton Cashmere Lightweight Knits

Women's FW Cotton-Cashmere Capsule: A collection of fine, breathable knits. Offers everyday luxury with a comfortable fit.

Maggie Iced

Lorie Iced

Bread Art

Bread Art Capsule: Merino and cashmere knitwear featuring a distinctive, ever-changing color massage technique for a unique aesthetic.


Casual, lightweight cotton corduroy and fleece outerwear. Designed for style and functional comfort.


Solid full-body color knitwear, combining yarn-dye and garment-dye techniques for rich hues.

Frost Art

Knitwear with a unique frosted spray paint effect, crafted from alpaca, cashmere, and wool. Seamless and reversible for two looks in one.