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Article: How To Fold A Polo Shirt

How To Fold A Polo Shirt

How To Fold A Polo Shirt

One of the most distinctive ways of dressing up in a casual outfit is having a polo shirt since it doesn't require any matching dress shirt or special slacks to be worn as an accompaniment.

Polo shirts are an easy way to dress, and keeping them ready to go is a skill one should acquire. No one would like to have their shirt filled with wrinkles, and folding it the right way will go a long way in preventing this.

How to fold a polo shirt, so it doesn't wrinkle begins with a simple process that many people don't take seriously. Before embarking on a journey to nicely fold your polo shirt, you must ensure it gets washed and properly dried.

Despite all your efforts to fold your polo shirt, some factors, such as steaming garments, will still go against your folding style, and a few wrinkles will appear here and there.

Your first step to a perfect folding of your polo shirt is strictly following the guidelines on washing and cleaning your clothes as per the label recommendation. Following the label guidelines not only protect your clothes, but it keeps your polo shirts in shape and in the vibrancy it deserves.

Secondly, do not stuff all your clothes together in one place. Always wash your clothes in small loads. Doing this ensures that your clothes get adequately cleaned. Clothes such as polo shirts that require some extra attention get cleaned and washed under the correct specification.


Once you get done washing your clothes, you must hang the wet polo shirt. This is usually the first step to avoiding wrinkles on your polo shirts to many who may not be aware.

Avoiding your polo shirt in a dryer comes with some benefits, one of them being damage to your polo shirts due to excessive heat. It's advisable to steam your polo shirts when you hang them to avoid wrinkling.

Finally, after successfully washing and cleaning your polo shirt as per the recommendation, the final step is properly folding your polo shirt. A point to note here, if you cleaned your polo shirt using a dryer, it's advisable you tuck your polo shirt immediately.

On the other hand, those who opt to hang polo shirts do not have to worry much as gravity works to your advantage.

You might be wondering how to fold a polo shirt for travel with ease by following the laid down guidelines on folding your polo shirts to avoid wrinkles or even odd creasing. The following are some of the steps you have to follow to fold your polo shirt properly.

1. Lay your polo shirt nicely on a flat surface

Lay your polo shirt nicely on a flat surface

Your first step to folding your polo shirt to avoid wrinkles, lay your polo shirt on a flat surface. Find a smooth, flat surface; a laundry table is an excellent place; make sure it's positioned at the middle of the table button faced downward.

Take note that the edges of your polo shirt do not fall on the surface sides. Once that gets done, straighten out your polo shirt and ensure no single wrinkle on its surface.

Continue; after straightening your polo shirt, your next step is buttoning up your front button. Also, confirm if you have any buttons on your sleeves and make sure they are all buttoned up.

2. Fold your polo shirt sleeves back

Fold your polo shirt sleeves back

Secondly, you can now flip up a polo shirt and ensure that your front side faces the downside. Move ahead and fold the sleeves back to the polo shirt body. You can take this step by step by taking one sleeve at a time and nicely fold your polo shirt sleeve to the middle of the shirt.

Do not fold the side seams but only the sleeves. Keep your polo shirt sleeves horizontal where necessary, as this ensures the cuffs of your shirt overlap right in the middle center of the polo shirt.
Adjust your shirt sleeve with caution, so you do not pull your side seams towards the back. At this particular moment, it essential to understand that you are folding the sleeves and not your polo shirt core.

In a situation your polo shirt is short-sleeved, you will follow the same procedure and fold your polo shirt starting from the sleeves towards the back middle of the polo shirt. Make sure that the sleeves do not overlap anywhere near the center of the shirt.

3. Use your hands to smoothen your polo shirt out

One of the tricks to ensure that you properly fold your shirt of any kind, including polo style, is running your hands over your shirt fabric on each fold you make. Doing this ensures that your polo shirt is devoid of any wrinkles and smoothens that might be left out.

Also, running your hand in each fold, ensure your fold gets tight and secure. In case you find a heavy wrinkle on your polo shirt surface, adjust your shirt and fabric until the wrinkle disappears completely.

4. Begin by folding your polo shirt sides

Begin by folding your polo shirt sides

This process should begin with your polo shirt's front side facing the downside. Using your two hands, gently grasp one side of your polo shirt and fold that side inward and make sure the side you are currently holding has touched the middle of the shirt's back.

Repeat the same process with the other side and ensure you have a V shape at the backside of your polo shirt just below the collar.
If your polo shirt is short-sleeved, the above V-shaped fold ensures your sleeve stays in place moving ahead. Please note that your sleeve must be in proper shape to ensure that your fold stays in place.

5. Fold your polo shirt in half

Fold your polo shirt in half

Still with your front side and button facing down, carefully grasp your polo shirt bottom side from the edge. Slowly and with caution, move your shirt upwards and fold the edges until the two halves are equal in length. Once that is nicely done, ensure that your polo shirt bottom edge smoothly rests on the collar lower edge. 

If your shirt is a bit long, you can do an extra fold. It might not be possible with a small or medium polo shirt, but you can comfortably do another fold if you have a long or extra-large polo shirt. With extra-large polo shirts, one or two folds might not be enough, and in some instances, you may get forced to divide your shirt length into thirds and fourths additional folds.

6. Flip your polo shirt and store it

Flip your polo shirt and store it 

Having followed all the above procedures, now you are done with the most challenging part, you can carefully flip your folded polo shirt.

Having, your front side and collar should face upwards is one of the best ways to store your folded polo shirt without wrinkles, and it ensures your sleeves and collars do not crisp. If you have a pile of polo shirts or any other shirts, you can comfortably stuck them on top of each other for storage purposes, and the pressure on the shirts will ensure that no wrinkles occur.

In situations where your closet size is an issue, you can roll up your polo shirt to save up on space. This technique is usually useful when you wonder how to fold a polo shirt for a suitcase. Clothes that get folded in a rolling manner are comfortable to find and select. In a bid to ensure that your polo shirt does not wrinkle after your side rolling, it's essential to steam your polo shirt immediately after rolling.

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