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  • How to read clothing care symbols

    December 08, 2022 1 min read

    How to read clothing care symbols

    As a classy and refined woman, taking care of your wardrobe is of the utmost importance. Clothing care symbols serve as a helpful guide, found on the care label of each garment and providing insight on how to properly wash, dry, and iron. Here are some common symbols and their meanings:

    • The "W" symbol, standing for washing, ensures that the garment is fit for a spin in the washing machine. The number within indicates the maximum water temperature to use - "W 30" for water up to 30 degrees Celsius, for example, or "W 60" for water up to 60 degrees Celsius.
    • The "I" symbol, representing ironing, indicates that the garment is safe to press. The number within denotes the maximum iron temperature to use - "I 1" for a cool setting, for instance, or "I 3" for a medium-high heat.
    • The "D" symbol, denoting drying, instructs on the proper way to fluff and flake the garment. A circle with a line through it means no tumble-drying, while a square with a circle inside signifies a low heat tumble-dry.
    • The "C" symbol, representing dry cleaning, advises that the garment should be professionally cleaned. A circle with a "P" inside means any solvent can be used, while a circle with an "F" inside indicates a hydrocarbon solvent is required.

    By following these symbols, you can confidently care for your garments and avoid any mishaps such as fabric damage or fading. Always be sure to consult the care label before washing, drying, or ironing to ensure your clothing is receiving the proper treatment.