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Article: How To Wash Polo Shirts

How To Wash Polo Shirts
Garment Care

How To Wash Polo Shirts

Whether you love putting on a short sleeve polo shirt or a long one, you will agree with me that polo shirts are a wardrobe essential. Polos brings out a stylish look for those who love outdoor activities and casual business wear. However, to maintain polo shirts' stylish nature for a longer time, you will need to know how to wash them gently. If not well handled when washing them, the materials may break down, and at times the collars may curl.

 Before getting into how to wash your polo shirts gently, you need to understand the different types of fabrics used in making them. Most renowned brands of polo shirts are made from Pima cotton, regular cotton, or polyester. The latter material is ideal for polos designed for outdoor activities such as sports because it absorbs sweat. The best quality polo shirts from Ploumanac'h are 100% cotton or polyester. So, how do you take care of your polo shirts from Ploumanac'h? Here is what you should have in mind how to wash polo shirts.


First Check on The Label Tag on You Polos

 Checking the label tag will give you an idea of the material used in making the polo, making it easier for you to care for your garments. The label also comes with washing instructions such as softener to use and the cycle time. If there are no instructions, you still have to know how to wash it with care.

 For the best care of your polos, you should keep them away from the dryer. Turn them inside out when washing them to avoid pulling on the textile. Flipping your polos inside out will also protect the outer layer from rubbing off with other clothes, helping you maintain your polo shirts' original colors.


Hand Washing or Machine Washing?

 Handwashing is usually tedious and inefficient. It forces you to use a lot of water (which is terrible for the environment), and the process of wringing the water out of your garments can damage them, ruining their fibers. To avoid this, you can always consider using a washing machine's gentle cycle. You can use a warm setting for 100% cotton or linen items, while when polyester, elastane, or wool is present, you must choose colder cycles.

 Whether you are handwashing or using a machine, only mix your polo shirts with the same color clothes. Mixing light with dark-colored ones may change light color shades. 


How to Dry Your Polos

 If you want to use a dryer on your polos, the dryer should be on a delicate setting; this is for the polos made from cotton. For polo shirts made from polyester, do not tumble dry. Direct heat on polyester or elastane fabrics can result in wrinkling and weakening of the shirts over time.

 You can consider hang-drying your polo shirts; some people advise against it to avoid overstretching, but Ploumanac'h polo shirts are quite sturdy and won't give in their shape easily. Overall the best way to dry your polo shirts is to lay them on a flat surface. You can also do that on a laundry rack in your bathroom. The steam from the shower will help de-wrinkle your polo shirt. 


Keep Your Polo Shirts Collars in Shape

Collar creasing is a common problem faced by most polo owners and wearers. You can avoid this by being very attentive during both the washing and drying process procedures. Here is what the only style community proposes: 

 1) Always button the top button of your polo before washing.

 2) Flip it inside out.

 3) Turn over the collar upwards.

 4) Wash normally

 5) Lay it on a flat surface to dry while the collar is still up.


How to Avoid Stains in Your Polo Shirt

 Just like any other wear, polo shirts can have sweat stain, especially in the armpit areas. While most washing detergents may have a hard time removing the sweat stains in your polo shirts, you can eliminate this problem. Your choice of deodorant can be the best solution.

 Deodorants containing aluminum are the main reason you see yellow stains on your polos and other clothes. The combination of your natural sweat and aluminum causes the yellow stains. If this is not controlled, you may not be comfortable wearing your favorite polo shirt. Stay away from deodorants that contain aluminum, and you will enjoy dressing on your best polos without having to worry about yellow stains on your armpit areas. 


Ironing and Storing Your Polos

 It is likely to have curling collars in most men's polo shirts. After drying your polos, neat ironing with some starch sprays will help maintain their best state.

 You can either choose to hang or fold your polos. When hanging, ensure you have a strong hanger to ensure that your polo remains in its best shape and reduces wrinkling. Folding them is also an option that will stop stretching your polos. 


 The above tips will help you on how to wash polos. Start practicing them, and you will enjoy your polos for a longer period.

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