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Article: 5 Colorful Spins on the Classic Mojito

5 Colorful Spins on the Classic Mojito

5 Colorful Spins on the Classic Mojito

Making a great classic mojito can be a talent in and of itself. It takes more than mixing together some rum, sugar, mint, and lime in a glass. It takes technique in order to correctly muddle the mint and lime together in order to coax out the flavors. The result is something fizzy, refreshing, and irresistibly delicious. Can a mojito get any better? Yes it can with these beautifully bright new spins on this classic cocktail.

Mojito with strawberries and mint recipe

Blueberry Mojito

By adding in blueberries, it imbues this refreshing drink with an extra blast of fruity, sweet-tart flavor. What's more, making it is easy. All you need to do is give whole, washed blueberries a quick go around in the blender, run the puree through a strainer to remove any excess skins or seeds, and pour into a traditional mojito at the same time you add the rum. The blueberries not only give flavor, but they also give the cocktail an alluring blue-purple color which is a delight to the senses.

Strawberry Rhubarb Mojito

No two flavors scream summer quite like the fruity sweet and acid tart flavors of strawberry and rhubarb mixed together. While they work wonderfully in a pie, can you get the same type of flavors in your cocktail? The key to a good strawberry rhubarb mojito that is big on flavor, but isn't bogged down with too much pulp is to use a strawberry jam, the fresher the better, in combination with a simple homemade syrup infused with fresh rhubarb flavor. The result is a beautifully pink summer drink that is as flavorful as the quintessential pie of summer.

Coconut Mojito

Nothing is more surprising when you invite your guests over for mojitos only to bring out the frosty white slush that is the coconut mojito. In a triple threat, this mojito recipe uses coconut-flavored rum, light coconut milk, and coconut water in order to compete with the strong flavors of mint and lime.

Instead of muddling, the mint is infused into a simple syrup. The syrup, as well as the rest of the ingredients, including a few mint leaves to give the drink those beautiful vibrant green specks, are added into the blender and pulsed together while the ice is crushed. Serve immediately, but be sure to taste of see if a little extra rum is needed.

Grapefruit Mojito

For the grapefruit mojito, you can take your wonderfully slushy grapefruit granita, a beloved French dessert made with frozen fruit juice and simple syrup, and transform it into your favorite cocktail. However, for those that don't have any granita left over from that afternoon treat, simple, fresh grapefruit juice works just as well. Both will result in a beautiful pinkish-orange cocktail that is as bold and beautiful to the eyes as it is on the palate.

 However, because both the grapefruit and lime are innately sour, more sugar will need to be added than normal. For an extra burst of sweetness, try lining the glass with sugar like you would for your favorite margarita recipe.

Basil Lychee Mojito

This final cocktail is a bit of an alternative mojito, perfect for those that don't favor the flavor of rum. The lychee basil mojito uses gin instead of rum to let the subtle flavors of the basil shine through. As the basil also has to be muddled with the mint, competing with the flavor, it is not powerful enough to compete with both the mint and the rum. However, the subtle flavor of gin is perfect to create the ultimately refresh cocktail with just the right burst of tart lychee juice.

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