6 Colorful Summer Smoothies to Refresh and Hydrate

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6 Colorful Summer Smoothies to Refresh and Hydrate

Food is an important part of our lives. We need it to survive, and by eating the right foods we can improve our health, attitude, sleep, and more. One amazing way to be sure you are getting all of the most important vitamins and nutrients is by adding smoothies to your diet. By drinking a smoothie a day in addition to eating a healthy diet, you can drastically change your life for the better. 

Summer is a great time to get into the smoothie drinking habit. The summer heat can often leave us without an appetite, but a nice, cool smoothie is a refreshing way to get some nutrients into your body without eating a heavy meal. Additionally, smoothies—especially smoothies made with the right ingredients—are ideal for hydrating your body. Because hydration is so important during the hot summer months, this is just one more argument for working fruit smoothies into your daily diet. 

Here are a few summer smoothie recipes for you to try, but feel free to change these up however you see fit. Smoothies are one of the most versatile food items out there, and your drink will likely taste delicious no matter what you decide to include.

Creamy Banana, Raspberry, & Orange Smoothie

For a slightly tart and deliciously creamy summertime treat, try this incredible smoothie recipe. This is one you are sure to make again and again. 


- 1 banana (sliced and frozen)

- 1 and ¼ cups raspberries (frozen)

- ½ cup pomegranate juice

- ¾ cup orange juice

- ¾ cup milk

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve in two glasses and share with a friend.


Blueberry and Mango Smoothie

For a fun blue smoothie that is packed with antioxidants, consider giving this one a go. 


- 1 banana (sliced and frozen)

- 1 mango (peeled, sliced, and frozen)

- 1 cup blueberries (frozen)

- ½ cup blueberry yogurt

- ½ cup milk

- ½ cup orange juice

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. This recipe yields enough for two, but nobody would blame you if you didn't share.  


The Simplest Strawberry Smoothie

Short on ingredients? This simple smoothie doesn't require much, has a pretty pink color, and tastes amazing.


- 2 cups milk

- 1½ cups frozen strawberries

- 1 tbsp honey

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Because this smoothie is so easy to make, sharing with a friend is no big deal. After all, you can always make more!


Strawberry and Pineapple Smoothie

Give that traditional strawberry smoothie a tropical twist and an orange color by adding in a bit of pineapple.


- ½ cup pineapple juice

- ½ cup plain yogurt

- ½ cup strawberries (sliced and frozen)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve in two glasses and add a couple of tiny umbrellas for extra measure. 


Many of the ingredients on these smoothies overlap, meaning you can buy base ingredients in bulk and use them for various kinds of smoothies. To change things up a bit, you can add a bit of green (and some extra nutrition) to any smoothie by tossing in a handful of spinach or kale. Don't like using dairy? Replace the milk with almond or soy milk. Ingredients such as berries are also interchangeable, so if you run out of strawberries, try using blueberries instead. 

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