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Article: Three Fancy And Delicious Winter Cocktails

Three Fancy And Delicious Winter Cocktails

Three Fancy And Delicious Winter Cocktails

Winter is a difficult time in many parts of the world, but a few excellent cocktails can take the edge off the foreboding atmosphere. The following are among the most delicious you can make in the winter.

Few of them will take much preparation and use very few ingredients. This is especially nice for winter cocktails, as it makes it less likely that you'll have to rush to the store to pick up some elusive bitters.

Cognac French

cognac drink

Cognac is another drink that rarely gets the love it should in the cocktail world. It is especially great for winter cocktails, as it brings a little warmth and joy to the cold and bitter snow months. Start by purchasing cognac (the higher the quality, the better) lemon juice, simple syrup, and sparkling wine.

Mix one ounce of cognac with a half-ounce of lemon juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add a few ice cubes and shake until well blended. Strain the drink out into a champagne flute and add a dash of sparkling wine. Again, a little lemon will make this a superlative cocktail.

This particular cocktail is great for meaty winter meals, as cognac and sparkling wine tend to go well with steak and other hearty dishes. Try creating a meal with a wine-soak (such as pork in red wine) to really boost the taste of this cocktail.

Cranberry Old-Fashioned

cranberry drink

The old-fashioned has earned its name well: its one of the oldest, and most popular, drinks you'll find. There are a few reasons they are popular. The first is that they are delicious. The second is that they are easy to make.

This cranberry old-fashioned is a little trickier than some of its cousins, but it's still a relative breeze. It makes for great winter or even autumn drinking.

Start by mixing tangerine with fresh cranberries in the bottle of an old-fashioned glass. This should be about two slices of tangerine and five to six cranberries.

Now mix in one teaspoon of cranberry simple syrup, two dashes of bitters, and two and a half ounces of bourbon. Stir with a large ice-cube and let it settle before adding sugared cranberries and a cinnamon stick.

Champagne Cocktail

champagne drink

Champagne is one of the least used cocktail mixers, but it can create some dazzling drinks. This simple champagne cocktail uses only a handful of ingredients to make a winter drink that you can make in a matter of minutes without excessive mixing.

All you need is four ounces of sparkling wine, one sugar cube, and some bitters. The type of bitters doesn't matter much, so just choose your favorite brand. Start by soaking the sugar cube in the bitters for a minute or two – long enough to absorb the bitters, but not too long – and then drop the sugar cube into a champagne flute.

Fill the flute up with champagne and wait for the sugar cube to dissolve before garnishing the glass with a lemon. This cocktail is perfect for sitting at home by the fire and watching a winter storm rage outside. It is also nice for holiday parties.

Try one of these with just about any meal or as a great nightcap. More than one is out of the question, as they're pretty heavy. They are perfect as a party cocktail, one that you can show off to your friends. They'll think you're a great host if you can master this one.

These are just a few of the incredible winter cocktails you can try this winter.

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