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Article: 5 Top Luxury Resorts in the Greek Islands

5 Top Luxury Resorts in the Greek Islands

5 Top Luxury Resorts in the Greek Islands

Greece includes over six thousand islands. Because of this, there is no shortage of nature blended with luxury. Here are the top five luxury beach resorts to see the best of nature in the Greek islands.


Mykonos Grand

Luxury villa view in Mykonos

If sunsets are your thing, Mykonos Grand is a good choice of lodging for your next holiday in Greece. The unique architecture of the buildings as a silhouette will make for the best sunset pictures. All of the rooms of this five star luxury resort are designed with blue and white marble, while the suites provide intimate seclusion for romantic getaways. Your stay is personalized by the courteous staff, and you will have access to a private beach. In fact, you will be so close to the ocean that you will not only have beautiful views but you will hear the waves hitting the rocks as you fall asleep on a peaceful night.


Andronis Luxury Suites

Beautiful view of greek islands from a resort balcony

It is not often that you can sleep near a volcanic crater, but you can have spectacular views of one on the many multi level balconies at Andronis Luxury Suites. If you are a business person, freelancer, or just want to check your email, take advantage of free wifi when you sip a beverage at the pool before spending the rest of the day at the beach. From the concierge to room service, there is no shortage of luxurious features at one of the most popular beach destinations.


Castello Boutique Resort and Spa

Castello Boutique and Spa view

For time away from the kids, head to one of Crete’s newest resorts, Castello Boutique Resort and Spa. Be as secluded as you want with your own private pool on the lower level rooms or head to the beach for the day. You will feel welcome during your entire stay, including at check in, when you are greeted with fresh lemonade.


Santorini Kastelli Resort

Pool side in Santorini Kastelli

Santorini has become one of the biggest tourist destinations of all the islands of Greece. At Santorini Kastelli Resort, you can take a romantic break away from the tourists by enjoying a private spa with candlelight and peaceful music. Otherwise there is plenty to do on and off the resort from tennis to exploring the ancient ruins of Thira.


Minoa Palace Beach Resort & Spa

Minoa Resort pool side and gardens

This luxury hotel is surrounded by everything to give you a vacation to remember and talk about for years. Discover ancient ruins from past civilizations. Go to the beach with the White Mountains as a back drop. If you are not at the beach, enjoy the twenty seven hundred square foot pool hot tub, sauna, and hot stone massages that Minoa Palace Beach Resort & Spa has to offer.


Greece has a lot to offer in nature and entertainment. But at these luxury resorts, you do not have to go that far in order to make the most of your well deserved, Greek vacation.


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