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Article: Europe's Secret Summer Romance Destinations

Europe’s Secret Summer Romance Destinations

Europe's Secret Summer Romance Destinations

Falling in love - isn't it a great feeling? However, it is always a precious feeling because we never know when it is going to stop. This is why, for many, romance is so important. It makes us feel that tightness in our chest and quivering in our knees again like the first time we fell in love. However, even if you say the exactly right thing, no great romantic tale is complete without the right setting, and no setting is more romantic than Europe. Unfortunately, Europe's most romantic cities have become a bit too crowded for young lovers. The next time you and your special someone are jetting off on a romantic adventure, why not try some of Europe's most romantic hidden gems?

Vico Equense, Italy

Secret gems you should visit in Italy

Those who have cruised Sorrento's beautiful coast will likely have spotted the dramatic pink-washed church that marks Vico Equense before. However, that dramatic clifftop church and the crenellated castle that goes alongside it remain one of those destinations that most people only view from afar.

Dock your boat or bring your car down the coastal road to have a stroll down the romantic pebble beach, or visit the La Tradizione market to graze on cured meats and flavorful cheeses. For those that want to stay overnight, the village doesn't have much in the way of accommodations, but the Hotel Capo La Gala is located nearby and loving couples couldn't want for a better view from its cliffside location.

Chassignolles, France

Forget Paris, everyone knows that the real romance in France lies in its smaller bucolic towns. Towns like Chassignolles, a town located south of Lyons in France's largest national park, the Livradois-Forez. Here you spend your days getting to know nature, and each other, in the small Auberge de Chassifnolles, an eight room hotel and the only place to stay in town. Whether you enjoy your time strolling the rolling, wildflower-dotted hills in the high elevation or view the town's stone buildings that date back to the 12th century, you will find no shortage of ambiance in Chassignolles.

Essaouira, Morocco

Although technically outside of Europe, Morocco and its refreshing North African breezes is just too good to not be counted as a romantic destination. While Europe has plenty of nice beaches, if you want to give a slip to some of the crowds, head down to Essaouira, Morocco's beach town and one of the best windsurfing spots in the world. Unlike other Moroccan cities that are more crowds and culture, Essaouira feels more like a music festival with concerts, art shows, and events lined up throughout the year that makes for an exciting evening to be had every evening. Art and culture aside, the restored ramparts and crumbling palaces, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, also keep reminding you of this city's ancient history.

Germany's Middle Rhine

Beautiful german towns you must visit

Germany's most romantic destination, although it has many, isn't actually one city. It is a section of river between Bingen and Bonn. This section of the Rhine, called the Middle Rhine flows through some of the most dramatic geography in the country. The Rhine Gorge is dotted with picturesque villages, quaint terraced vineyards, and around 40 different medieval castles, making a cruise down the water in the warm summer sun as much of a feast of the eyes as it is a sight-seeing adventure. One of the favorite landmarks of romantic riverboat cruises is traveling through the Lorelei, the deepest and most narrow section of the Rhine Gorge where the walls feel like they will swallow you up.

You probably won't find the crowds too thick with other couples at these hidden spots for love birds, but they are sure to set the atmosphere for your romantic summer adventure. Yet, picking the right spot for romance is only one piece of the puzzle. You will need to look good while walking around. Contact us today to learn how the right clothes can step up your game.

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