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Article: What to Wear in Cuba

Cuba colored houses

What to Wear in Cuba

Celebrating vibrant colors, flavorful cigars and dancing all night, Cuba has been luring visitors from around the world for decades. With the United States recently relaxing previous travel restrictions and opening visa options, Americans can now enjoy the lively ambiance of this island locked in time. If you’ve booked your adventure to the formerly forbidden fruit of the Caribbean, we’re here to help you answer the question of what to pack for Cuba.

Embrace the Casual

Sher She Goes showcases the vibrant appeal of Cuba’s buildings.
What to Wear in Cuba

For decades we’ve enjoyed the Cuban images of brightly colored buildings, vintage cars and locals relaxing with a guitar. While the buildings pull from a pastel palate, residents often mix milder toned clothing than the colors we see splashing across buildings. That doesn’t mean a bold sundress won’t fit right in.  It will.  Brenna from The Battered Suitcase showcases the versatility in a brightly colored sundress for day trips and sightseeing.

Battered Suitcase: Havana

Red sundresses seem to be the norm as designer Jannid showed off her flair against the vibrant yellow building. Needless to say, it’s an Instagrammer’s dream come true:


To better blend in, mix in a few white or lighter colored outfits. Brenna and her fellow travelers alternated between colored sundresses, white dresses and basic shorts paired with solid colored shirts. Sher She Goes recommends an array of solid colored shirts and sun dresses with a boarding vintage feel.  

Bringing in light-colored shirts goes well especially for men. Cuban men will typically sport a casual lightweight button up with slacks.  You’ll see an even mix between light colored pants and jeans. The One and Only Cuba perfectly captures this ambiance on their Instagram account:

Prepare for the Chilly Evenings

Like most of the tropical destinations, Cuba enjoys hot summers with a slight chill in the evening combined with cooler winters. Too often travelers forget to prepare for the chill, packing only warm weather clothing.

To ensure you’re covered, add a pair of jeans and a lightweight long sleeve top to your suitcase. For gentlemen, our crew neck chunky cotton sweaters with a stonewashed look blend perfectly for a casual yet smart look.

Man wearing a turquoise lightweight cotton and linen blend sweater from Ploumanac'h

For her, our oversized cotton jumpers pair perfectly with light colored shorts to hit that casual chic look you’ll want in the early evenings. The versatility to pair with jeans makes it an ideal addition for multiple uses.

Navy cotton sweater for women

Spicing it Up for Salsa

Known for the Habanera, the Cuban Salsa and even originating the Congo dance, Cuba comes alive as the heat slips behind the horizon and the animated nightlife takes shape. Going out on the town expect a sharper look. Shorts and flip-flops will be traded up for sleek dance shoes and even a spiffy suit depending on the club.

Fashion blogger and designer Jannid showcases the type of flair you can embrace for the Havana nightlife in her recent fashion shoot:

American girls in Cuba properly dressed to dance some salsa

Pairing Walking Shoes and Dancing Shoes

Unless you plan to spend your entire vacation at the beach, it’s likely you’ll be touring the sites by food. Walking around in the day you’ll want to sport a pair of comfortable flats or walking shoes to navigate the cobblestoned pathways. If you’re planning on taking advantage of the untouched hiking destinations or exploring the tobacco fields, a good pair of closed toed shoes will go far for comfort and versatility.  Don’t forget to add footwear with a flair for dancing. For the ladies, remember that a strappy sandal or wedge weather cobblestone roads far better than stilettos.

Whether it’s daytime walking around or about to tear it up on the dance floor, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to tab along with the beat. This isn’t a good country to break in a new pair of shoes.


Covering the Basics

As with all destinations in the Caribbean, the basics can help add that final touch to your suitcase. Yes, we’re talking about big brimmed hats and spacious shoulder bag to get you through the day.

While it may be tempting to adorn with lavish jewelry, you’ll feel more comfortable if you leave your finer jewelry at home. Much of Cuba remains impoverished, which means finer necklaces or bracelets will stand out in a crowd. Instead, explore stalls and shops around town to add a few modest, yet brightly colored beads to your attire.


Adding A Cuban Flair To Your Suitcase

If you’re finding yourself lacking a few of the basic items to feel comfortable and confident on your Cuban adventure, never fear! At Ploumanac’h we specialize in creating high quality attire for you to include on your Caribbean vacation.

To bridge the gap between your closet and your ideal Cuba packing list, consider a Marmo white poplin shirt for him and a Long Jersey Sundress for her. Dress with confidence knowing our handcrafted attire seamlessly blends style and comfort perfect for any tropical vacation.


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