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Article: What to Wear in Sardinia

What to Wear in Sardinia
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What to Wear in Sardinia

Venturing to Sardinia means a quest reveling in the crystal clear waters, endless white sandy beaches and a unique cultural tradition in a seemingly time locked paradise. While Sardinia lives in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, near 500 miles from the heart of fashion centralized in Milan, you’ll still feel the influence of the world’s fashion capital. Italy as a whole celebrates their roots in the fashion empire, honoring a deep seeded countrywide pride in appearance.

To master the art of the elegance, while enjoying the ambiance of your vacation to nirvana, here are a few fashion tips on what to wear in Sardinia.

Stick to Classics

Elegance, perhaps even a tradition with origins based in Italy, is always a safe bet. Many describe the ambiance embedded between cobblestone roads as a casual elegance. To translate, this means you don’t need to dress to the nines or sport a business-esque feel when out and about, but put thought into the overall presentation with quality well fitting pieces. Frumpled, straight out of the suitcase or holes in pieces won’t fly.

Traditionalists to the core, Italy favors more conservative attire. Outfits too skimpy or revealing will best be left at home in favor of a more discerning wardrobe. Strive for stylish and smart. On that note, a good cover-up or sarong is a must for anyone fresh out of the pool headed to the hotel bar.

Generally, for women, cotton slacks, capris, jeans or a longer skirt with a lightweight blouse or t-shirt fit in well. Many Italians reserve shorts for resorts, and despite the heat will not likely be commonplace in the cities. When in doubt, strive for sensual, not sexy. Casual elegance promotes proper fitting quality pieces.

fancy red cotton sweater

 For gentlemen, focus on well-tailored pieces. Proper fitting jeans or nice slacks paired with a lightweight button up with rolled sleeves or a basic t-shirt with a tailored jacket will have you looking like a local.

Guy with a bright red shirt

Italian men often sport the rolled up jean, shown below by The Idle Man.  

Photo URL:

You’re unlikely to find men wearing shorts in the evening hour, which means changing out any shorts for a nice pair of trousers come nightfall. Suits or blazers with slacks will be common. Trade in any casual footwear for a sleeker pair, such as a leather loafer.

In Italy, it’s about overall appearance, less about a single accessory that “makes” an outfit. For example, a gentleman could skip a tie if overall he puts out an elegant demeanor. Women tend to sport a more natural approach to makeup, leaving the dramatic runway looks to NYC. That said Italians do enjoy adding scarves, glasses, hats, and even a few pieces of jewelry to bring an outfit together. Gentlemen should invest in a good quality chunky watch.

Seasonal Color Palettes

The winter months tend to adorn locals in various shades of black. It’s a classic! They can often be mixed with nudes and other neutral variations, most commonly in solid prints. Skip the Hawaiian patterned shirt in favor of classic solid colored button up. For the summer months, consider linen shirts to match the sophistication while staying cool.

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With the summer season comes a peppering of bold pastels, although it’s smart to pair a brightly colored piece with a neutral top or bottom.

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Dress for the Occasion

While American Loretta Young may have coined the phrase, “Wearing the correct dress for every occasion is a matter of good manners,” this country lives it. Many restaurants and other establishments will not have a dress code, but expect that guests dress to the level of the establishment. Dressing poorly or not to par reflects badly on the restaurant. The same goes for visiting historical sites and other popular attractions, with many churches banning too revealing clothing.

If fine dining will likely make it onto your itinerary, bring out the tailored jacket for men and spice up the footwear for women.

Bridging the Italian Clothing Gap

If you’re looking to spiff up your wardrobe for your Italian debut in Sardinia, allow us to help. Our high quality pieces, both designed and made in Italy, can give you the confidence to turn the cobblestone streets into your own catwalk while providing the comfort desired by travelers.

To get you started, we recommend exploring our Men’s Linen Shirts perfect for a summer Sardinia getaway. For women, our Poplin Shirts or Voile Shirtdresses were designed for fashionable women wanting to look stunning while staying cool in tropical regions.


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