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What to Wear to Vail for Him

December 06, 2017 3 min read

What to Wear to Vail for Him

Vail is one of the most beautiful places in the world, no matter what the season. The fresh, clean air, soaring mountain peaks, and cozy chalets have made it a much-loved vacation destination, whether for a winter sports extravaganza or romantic weekend getaway.

Fall colors painted across the valley entice countless travelers during the fall, with the fresh powder and challenging lines on the ski hill luring winter enthusiasts. Skiing and snowboarding are obvious choices for winter activities but there are also plenty of things to do off the slopes.

As the seasonal weather varies as much as the colors of the turning leaves, we put together your ultimate fashion guide for what to wear when you’re out and about in Vail throughout the fall and winter season.

What Not to Wear 

Colorado is well-known as a pretty laid-back state, so you can rest assured that fashion in Vail is a bit more relaxed than in other luxury ski resorts of the world. However, the local style still emphasizes smart silhouettes and well-fitting, functional clothes, so avoid a fashion faux pas and leave your ripped jeans, sweatpants, shorts and sneakers at home.

Another tip to help you blend in with the locals: ski wear does not double as après ski wear. Try to resist the temptation to go to dinner still wearing your insulated pants and ski boots. You’ll be much more comfortable and in sync with the local crowd of you stop by your room and change into something fresh with a bit more style personality.

Vail Style for Gentlemen

Menswear on the mountain is based on fit, fabric, and functionality and Brian Sacawa from He Spoke Style pulls them all together brilliantly.



A good jacket is essential in Vail and Brian’s is perfect - it fits close to the body and the shoulder seams line up properly on his shoulders. The flannel pants Brian has chosen are well-suited to the Vail climate and his collared sweater provides an extra layer of warmth while still keeping up with the Vail fashion trends.

To capture the look yourself, try pairing a high-quality wool or flannel pant with a collared sweater. Our ribbed merino wool sweater with cowl neck comes in several color combinations and enables you to stay warm and comfortable while still upholding Vail’s dressy casual vibe.

A wardrobe staple for gentlemen in Vail is a button-up cardigan in gray or charcoal. It can be worn over a comfy t-shirt for a dressed-down look, or layered over a collared button-up with a tie for something more dressy.

Celebrating the Winter Accessories

One of the most fun aspects of the temperatures cooling is adding a long list of accessories to your wardrobe. From chic knit hats to cashmere scarves to pairing gloves with your outfits, the winter season brings an added flair to fashion.

Don’t forget sun protection! Pairing a daily moisturizer with a strong SPF with classy shades will not only have you looking good, you’ll be able to beat that classic, yet unfashionable, “google tan line.”

That just won’t pair with any outfit.

Enjoying the Season 

Vail is an enchanting destination that captivates the hearts of its guests with spectacular scenery and vibrant social life. We wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself there time and again over the years. Here at Ploumanach, our handcrafted attire withstands the tests of time with quality fabrics and tasteful tailoring. You can dress with confidence knowing that our classic designs will keep you cozy and comfortable as you enjoy your Vail vacation.

Men's Winter Chalet Essentials

Check out our brand new winter line to add a little Vail inspired flair to your wardrobe.


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