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Mariavittoria Corelli fashion designer

Mariavittoria Corelli leads the Ploumanac'h design department since the very beginning as a founding member of the brand itself.
Born in Piedmont-Italy, Mariavittoria represents the second generation of couturiers.
"most of my childhood memories see me playing in my mother's atelier. So many happy memories".

From a very young age, Mariavittoria dedicated herself to learning various design techniques. From traditional ones, she discovered in her mother's tailoring to industrial ones that she learned in the laboratories where she worked at the beginning of her career.

Her journey between the sartorial tradition and the industrial reality led her to establish her fashion taste by designing her brands.

With Ploumanac'h, Mariavittoria decided to interpret resort wear and chalet wear in an entirely new way. By creating two very polarized collections, she wanted to offer a complete set of styles that women and men can wear year-round.