Our Core Purpose

We at Ploumanac'h are a family-led team. Everyone committed to creating relaxed resort attire while building a more sustainable world.
Our purpose as a company is to create top notch attire always following our Local, Sustainable & Relaxed path.


We love our land and want to infuse Italian art in every item we craft. Keeping our production close helps businesses around us, saves transportation energy and ensures that every garment has the highest standard of quality.


The world needs everybody’s effort in keeping it livable. We want to ensure our future generations will have the chance to enjoy earth as much as we do. That's why we color our clothes using environmentally friendly techniques, less energy, and less water.


We live by the beach. We work by the beach. We design and craft resort wear. We want to make wearing Ploumanac'h garments as authentic as it can get: designed by the beach, crafted by the beach, worn by the beach.