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Article: Big Island, Hawaii Trip Packing List for Men

Big Island, Hawaii Trip Packing List for Men
Packing List

Big Island, Hawaii Trip Packing List for Men

A trip to Hawaii should be on everyone’s to-do list. The big island has so much to do and see. As you make up your list of things to do, you will need to pack the right clothing to suit these activities. 

Whether you prefer to be very active or would rather just lounge around the pool or the beach, you need comfortable clothing. Here is our list for the men and what they may need to take with them.

Clothes For Men in Hawaii 

It’s always wise to have a variety of clothing items to suit all occasions.


No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a trip to the beach. Whether you are surfing, swimming, or simply relaxing, you need a good pair of swimming trunks. 

You should pack a few pairs, as you need a back-up pair when one pair is wet. You may want to buy a few different styles, as well. Longer ones are better for surfing and smaller ones are more suitable for swimming and getting that perfect tan. 

Tee Shirts

You will want to take along several t-shirts for your trip. T-shirts are so versatile. You can wear them to the beach, as a cover after swimming, with long pants, with shorts, in the water, absolutely everywhere.

These Smart Casual Cotton T-shirts are ideal for a trip to the Big Island. You can even slip a dress jacket over top for a classier look if you are going to a club or out for dinner. Get a few in a variety of colors. 


A few long-sleeved shirts will come in handy. They are perfect over a t-shirt, with long pants for going dancing or out for dinner. They look great tucked in or out and they go with shorts, as well.

These slim fit spread collar linen shirts are perfect for the heat and for later when it colls down in the evening. Perfect on their own, with a dress jacket or without, you can choose from a lot of different colors. 

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are another excellent choice to take to Hawaii. They are a bit dressier than a regular T-shirt but still comfortable and casual. Perfect for sightseeing, going for lunch, a few rounds of golf, or drinks in the open lounge.

These slim-fit stretch pique polo shirts are all made of soft cotton with a spread collar and short sleeves. Pick from all your favorite colors to wear all day, under your suit jacket or out shopping. 


A light sweater will be welcome. Take it with you out on a boat, fishing, or sailing. Slip it on in the evening when the sun goes down or if you encounter some bad weather. 

This V-neck lightweight cotton sweater is the perfect choice. Not too heavy or bulky, it’s perfect for cooler summer evenings, walking along the beach at night, or just sitting outside with friends after dinner.


If you plan on some evening activities or hiring a boat, you will want to take a jacket along. This pique cotton bomber jacket will get plenty of use. Lightweight and stylish, it has pockets and ribbed cuffs and waistband. 

You may want to consider taking a dress jacket along. It is nice for going out to dinner or just adding a bit of class to your evening outfit. 


You will want to take along shorts. Pick something loose-fitting and comfortable. Pockets are a good idea so you have someplace to keep your belongings. 

Shorts with zippered or buttoned pockets could help you secure your personal items, like keys, wallet, and watch. You may want to find a few different styles of shorts. 

Some will be better for walking around and seeing the sights while others will be more suitable for the beach, around the pool or golf. 


You will want to take a few pairs of long pants, as well. Khakis or cotton or linen pants are nice in the heat. They are often dressy enough for going out but casual enough for golf, the beach, or the pool. 

Dress pants are often needed. Many golf clubs have dress codes, as do restaurants and some night clubs.

Jeans might also come in handy, for those who are more adventurous. Hiking, horseback riding, motorcycles, and other activities where you might get scratched or you need your legs protected. 


You will need a sandal or flip flop type of shoe, plus a sneaker and some dress shoes. If you plan on hiking, make sure you have shoes or boots that won’t make your feet hurt. That would put a real damper on your Hawaiian vacation. Extra socks will also get used. 


If you are looking for further information on what to wear to a Hawaii vacation you should also take a look at this guide here.

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