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Article: Where to Wear Polo Shirts

Where to Wear Polo Shirts

Where to Wear Polo Shirts

Where To Wear Polo Shirts 

The Polo shirt is modest and timeless apparel worn by both men and women. It is a step up from the everyday T-shirt; you can effortlessly dress up for a casually elegant affair or down for a less classy event or sports.

 Polo shirts designs are for all seasons with both long and short sleeves, and for those who love to tee off, there are unique golf polo shirts. Although most people generally wear polo shirts in the summer summertime, paired with the right shoes and pants, it will be perfect for almost every occasion all year round. 

 Here are some tips on when to wear a polo shirt.


1. Casual Office Days

 Nothing beats wearing a polo shirt tucked in for a casual day at work. Even for dress-up days, wearing a jacket over a polo shirt gives it a professional look. If you work in a setting where casual is the norm, polo shirts are an excellent choice. Those shirts look terrific with jeans, too. You can nevertheless preserve an aura of professionalism even if you are permitted to wear more informal clothing in your department.

Man wearing a tile polo shirt during a business casual day at the office

 After all, you still want to be taken seriously, especially if you end up having to go into a last-minute meeting or luncheon. Go for a darker shade of jeans for a relaxed manner that still fits in at work. Dark blue and black jeans are always a reliable selection. Choose solid color polo shirts; however, you can wear fun patterns in a more informal work setting. Whatever you choose, polos are always perfect for work, and you can get the ideal men's polo shirts at Ploumanach.


2. When Golfing

 Golf polo shirts are overpoweringly preferred apparel by both golf clubs and the players, all over the world.

Man playing golf wearing a light blue polo shirt and dark grey shorts.

 The materials used to make regular polo shirts are cotton, piqué, merino fleece, and silk. On the other hand, golf shirts use sweat-wicking material, especially since players are outdoors for lengthy periods in the searing heat. Usually, synthetic materials work better for golfers rather than 100% cotton. Nonetheless, for players wishing to wear natural materials on the golf excursion, there are options like raw material golf polo shirts.

 Keep in mind that wool supersedes synthetics in many ways. It's the various benefit of odor resistance, so, unlike the more sweat-absorbent synthetics, your shirt won't have a smell even after playing for several hours in the sun. Not all golf shirts are polo shirts and vice versa. 


3. Country Club

 Talk about when to wear a polo shirt, and a country club will come readily to mind. After all, country clubs are synonymous with golf, and polo shirts are the commonly acceptable apparel for most clubs. The majority of golf clubs have proposed golf outfits for male and female players both on the green and inside the clubhouse. You can obtain the particular dress code for each club on their website. 

Fancy and modern country club at night

 If the information is not readily available, you can never go wrong with cotton polo shirts or any other material type tucked into your pants. Even if you're only a visitor or at the clubhouse to dine, a tucked-in polo shirt with a collar is usually preferred. On sweltering days, polo shirts without sleeves are acceptable attire for women. Anything not mentioned above is probably not accepted.


4. Business Casual Events

 There is no universal definition for business casual; raw has been a general style choice and expectation rest the gust will turn up nicely attired- just not plain conversational. A polo shirt paired with a blazer has always been a good selection for business everyday affairs. To maintain a professional look when attired in polo shirts, wearing them with slacks or khakis is advisable. Jeans and short skirts with polo shirts for business casual occasions are considered inappropriate.

 Most stylists recommend solid color polo shirts to give off a casual yet professional air. A few accessories to top off the look wouldn't hurt.


5. For a Job Interview 

 Years ago, wearing a polo shirt to a job interview would be like committing a crime. Nowadays, with the shift in work culture, many companies allow their workers even to wear t-shirts. However, for the first time impression, wearing a jacket over the polo shirt is the right choice. No matter how casual a job setting is, dressing a notch above the typical work setting gives off an air of professionalism. It also shows the prospective boss that you take the job seriously and dress up if the need arises later.


 Overall, for an informal atmosphere, blending your polo shirt with chinos, jackets, and sneakers is a look that is always in style. Switch the sneakers for shoes when business casual is required and the leather jacket for a blazer.

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