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Article: Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) Style Guide

Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) Style Guide

Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) Style Guide

Planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is an exciting time. There is plenty to do in this beautiful resort town. Swimming, relaxing, water sports and don’t forget the nightlife.

You will need a few different outfits for your vacation. It’s hot and humid, so you will be best suited to take loose, light clothing in natural fibers. Clothes that cling and don’t breathe will be very uncomfortable.


Clothing For Him

Depending on how sporty you are or if you just want to relax on the beach, you need to have the right clothes.

Light colors are better for heat and linen shirts are perfect for day or evening wear. Ploumanac’h banded collar shirt in white or any other light color is an ideal choice.

linen shirt perfect for cabo san lucas

 They will go with anything, you can put it on when you are moving between your room and the pool or ocean and it looks great at dinner, aw well.

For casual you can’t beat the basic tee. These come in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for the beach, walking around taking in the sights or just something to cover up coming out of the pool.

For those evenings when it cools down, consider the Piquet cotton bomber jacket. It can be worn at any time and it fits as well as it looks. Two buttons at the neck, ribbed hem and cuffs with a tartan lining.

pique jacket for men

For dressing up or dressing down, the V-neck lightweight cotton sweater is a perfect choice. Pick from many different colors, in fact, get a few. This excellent quality of cotton will keep you warm but breathes with you. If you just want to take in, ‘just in case’, drape it over your shoulder to mix and match your cotton shirt.

No wardrobe is complete without a polo shirt or two. Dressy enough for lunch, on the golf course or just walking around town, comfortable, classy, and always welcome.

These slim-fit stretch pique polo shirts are perfect for your vacation in Mexico. They adapt to your body shape and fit true to size. Get a few in your favorite colors.


Clothing for Women

Ladies, you will need a few things for your vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Think airy, light, flowing with light colors and breathable cotton and linens.

First off, you can not go wrong with this gorgeous maxi dress in cotton and linen. You can dress it up or wear it to the beach. Perfect as a cover-up coming out of the water or strolling around town.

 It has smocking at the top in a banded-neck and cut-sides silhouette. It’s light and cool and the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Next, you will need a few shirts. Casual and dressy, all at the same time. These ¾ sleeve stretch poplin shirts will go great with shorts, skirts, jeans, or dress pants.

They are available in all your favorite colors, so why not buy a few. Comfortable, breezy, and light. They fit great and adapt to your body shape.

For a looser, more casual shirt, consider the drop shoulder cotton tank. So comfortable, it’s like wearing nothing at all. Wear over a sleeveless tank, your swimming suit, or just as it is.

These all-cotton tanks are boxy and super comfortable. Layered color, available in many different colors, and it wears loose and cool. Perfect for hot humid weather.

Next, check out these billow linen pants. Linen is your best friend in the humidity and these will flow and breathe and help keep you cool and comfortable.

With chino style pockets and an elastic waistband, you will want to wear these every day. Perfect for over your swimsuit, with casual tees and shirts or a dressier blouse.

You will definitely need something for the evenings when it cools down. These openwork cardigans are a perfect choice. They are long-sleeved with a wide crew neck for warmth but still perfect for warm evenings. Perfect with every outfit.

If a jacket is more to your liking, check out these piquet cotton bomber jackets. Perfect for an evening on the beach, a day out on the boat, or out for dinner. It’s perfect to bring along when you are out sightseeing, with large pockets to carry your essentials and ribbed cuffs and hem.


Pack Light

Whatever you plan to do at Cabo, or whatever you plan not to do, do it in style. Comfortable doesn’t have to mean you can’t still bring the style and class to the beach or the poolside.

From long pants to sleeveless tees, it can all be found at Ploumanac’h. Take a look at all the clothing available for men and women. All the great clothes you need for your next vacation to Mexico but you will wear them all year round. 


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